How Can You Heal Dry Skin on Your Legs?

Heal dry skin on your legs by avoiding long showers and shaving, using the right skin care products and moisturizing daily. If the problem worsens or persists, talk to a dermatologist about underlying conditions or further treatment options.

  1. Avoid long showers

    Keep your showers under five minutes, whenever possible. Avoid hot showers or baths, as more oils are stripped from the skin in hot water.

  2. Use minimal soap products

    Avoid over cleansing your legs to minimize dryness. Use moisturizing shower gels, body washes or soaps rather than harsher antibacterial ones.

  3. Skip shaving

    Avoid shaving your legs if they are really dry. If you must shave, use a moisturizing shaving cream instead of using soap or dry shaving with just water.

  4. Use a moisturizer daily

    Use a moisturizer daily, especially after showering or bathing. Choose one that is meant to heal dry skin, apply it evenly and let it soak in before you put on clothing.

  5. Change products

    Change over to more moisturizing skin care products when needed, especially during the dryer winter months. Change out your laundry products, such as detergent and fabric softener, if you feel your clothing may be adding to the discomfort.

  6. Talk to a specialist

    Consult a dermatologist if the dry skin on your legs does not get better or worsens. You could have an underlying skin condition.