How Can Hair Be Blown Out?

How Can Hair Be Blown Out?

To blow out hair, apply a thickening serum and dry it a section at a time with a medium-sized round brush, pointing the hair dryer down as it follows the brush. To keep the style looking fresh in between washes, apply a dry shampoo to the scalp after a few days.

Blow outs are commonly done in hair salons to give a style a sleek, finished look. With a little practice, they are easy to do at home.

Step 1: Apply a thickening lotion

Apply the thickening lotion to damp hair. It helps the brush grip the hair better, resulting in a smoother finish.

Step 2: Begin the blow out process

Since the results are better when blowing the hair out from the undermost layer to the top, section the hair off with a hair clip prior to starting. Using a round brush, start at the roots of a section of hair, drying it with a hair dryer as the brush moves down the strands. Hold the dryer close to the brush and point it facing down to avoid frizz. Continue in this manner until all the hair is dry.

Step 3: Touch up the hair style

Apply some thermal straightening spray on the hair and use a flat iron to smooth any frizz. This step also adds extra shine.