How Can You Grow Thicker Hair With MSM Supplements?


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MSM supplements are believed to have a positive effect on hair growth by helping to build replacement cells for those lost due to age. Cell-building properties of MSM can lead to the production of more hair cells, which can improve the appearance of hair, explains BestVitaminsForHairGrowth.net.

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MSM supplements are available in tablet, capsule, liquid and powder form. MSM comes in a range of strengths; many people take the supplement two to three times a day. To promote hair growth, a daily intake of 1,500 milligrams a day is recommended. While there is anecdotal evidence that supports the theory that MSM improves the condition of the hair, there are no formal studies that prove its efficacy.

The supplements also have several potential side effects, notes BestVitaminsForHairGrowth.net. Side effects include an increase in cystic acne in those taking high doses of MSM. Taking high doses of MSM over a long period of time may also lead to liver damage. MSM works by flushing toxins out of the body. Those who have just started using the supplement might notice sweats, headaches and irritation as a result of this. These side effects usually end quickly, but some have experienced prolonged feelings of depression while on the supplement.

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