How Can You Grow Hair Faster Naturally?

How Can You Grow Hair Faster Naturally?

To grow hair fast, keep it healthy. Avoid damaging hair, and eat a healthy diet full of foods that nourish hair. Massaging the scalp and providing good circulation also helps hair to grow faster.

  1. Keep hair healthy

    Avoid damaging the hair to help it reach its full potential. Adding extensions and bleaching the hair make it brittle, which can slow down growth and increase the likelihood of length-sabotaging damage. Take care not injure or damage follicles while styling hair. Give hair a deep conditioning treatment at least three times a week.

  2. Eat well for long hair

    Give hair the nutrients it needs to grow long, strong, full locks. Start with lots of protein in the form of eggs, chicken, steak and fish. Eat foods with lots of vitamins, including D and B, to strengthen hair. Vitamins A, C and E are also important. Be sure to drink plenty of water to keep hair moisturized from the inside out.

  3. Massage the scalp

    Ensure adequate blood flow to hair follicles by massaging the scalp daily. While lathering up, use the fingertips to massage the scalp from the back of the neck up. Brushing can also help increase circulation to the follicles. When blood flow is good, follicles get all the nutrients they need to grow longer hair.