How Can I Grow Armpit Hair?

If a person wants to grow armpit hair, he or she simply needs to stop shaving and allow the hair to grow naturally. For some people, this may take a few days and for other people it may take a few weeks.

Men have normally always allowed their armpit hair to grow while women have traditionally shaved. However, in today's modern feminist climate, many women are changing their ideas about armpit hair. Madonna took a photo of herself with armpit hair and posted it on her social media accounts. Other celebrities have also chimed in.

One of the more difficult parts of growing armpit hair out to its full length is the summer heat. In the warmer weather, it can be frustrating to have armpit hair because it can make a person warmer and sweatier. The more hair a person has in their armpit region, the more likely they will have body odor.

Other women choose not to grow their armpit hair because of societal norms. While it is becoming a more accepted trend, it is still a minority trend for women. The women who do grow their armpit hair have differing opinions, but, according to The Debrief, some say they love to feel the wind blowing through the armpit hair and they love not having to worry about ingrown hairs or stubble in their underarm region.