How Can You Find Good Thrift Shop Clothes?

can-good-thrift-shop-clothes Credit: jennifer m. ramos/Moment/Getty Images

Finding good thrift shop clothes is all about patience and observation. Take your time picking through the racks and looking over attractive items.

  1. Browse high-end department stores

    Observe clothing in high-end department stores. Notice the style, material and quality favored by designers. Compare the new high-end merchandise with the second-hand clothing in thrift shops. Filter out the low-quality pieces, and buy the designer-quality clothing.

  2. Bring your thrift shop finds to a tailor

    Do not pass up a high-quality jacket because it is too big or a lined skirt because it is too long. If you wear the clothing often, it is well worth the tailoring fee. For even more savings, hem or dart the clothing yourself.

  3. Shop on re-stocking days

    Inquire when the thrift store displays new inventory. Shop early to find the best selection.

  4. Choose wisely

    Think twice about purchasing items that cannot be disinfected before wearing. Inspect hats for lice before trying them on. Check shoes for stained insoles or wear.

  5. Inspect clothing systematically

    Check the item for stains. Then check for wear, loose stitching, missing buttons and broken zippers. Look for one defect at a time and avoid buying a damaged item.

  6. Think funky and basic

    Search the racks for unique and staple items. Add to your funky going-out wardrobe or basic business attire.