How Can You Give Yourself a Haircut?

Cutting hair without the assistance of a professional is a scary thought, but with a pair of sharp scissors, a comb and a ponytail holder, anyone can do it. Women with long hair have a variety of styles and options they can choose from when it comes to haircuts and many can be done without going to an expensive salon.

Many women have tried cutting their own hair and were mortified by the end result. For beginners, using a ponytail holder is the easiest and most effective way to cut and style hair without mishaps. Following the steps below, anyone with long to medium length hair can create several cool styles:

  1. Make long layers
  2. To achieve beautiful, long layers, simply place all hair into a ponytail centered on top of the head. Make sure the hair is smooth and tightly placed in the band. Hold the ponytail straight up and cut off the ends. When the hair is released, it is well blended, layered perfectly and stylish.
  3. Frame the face
  4. Create a layered look with face framing by placing the hair in a tight ponytail at the front of the head, almost at the hairline. Cut the ends off the ponytail. 
  5. Make a mid-length layered bob cut
  6. Make a ponytail at the nape of the neck and cut it off where the ends barely rest on the neck. Let the hair out and cut the dropout at the bottom to create a straight line. Place the hair in a ponytail at the center of the top of the head and cut the ends to add layers.