Where Can You Find a Gallery of Nail Art Designs?


Websites associated with fashion magazines, such as Glamour, are places to find nail art galleries. Sites dedicated to beauty and nails, such as Nails Mag and StyleCraze.com, are other likely sources.

As of 2015, Glamour Magazine features an online gallery of over 100 nail art images. The pictures come from beauty brands, celebrities, models and professional nail technicians. They feature extreme designs, such as the acrylic nails inspired by the movie "Frozen." However, many of the designs are simple, such as striping or faces that are easy to paint.

Nails Mag also offers galleries of nail art. Some galleries feature professional work and are just for show. Other galleries serve as tutorials. For instance, one gallery teaches readers how to create lacy nail art.

StyleCraze.com has published a gallery of nail art suitable for beginners. The article offers advice for using special effects polish, applying decals and using dots or stripes to create designs. Each nail art design comes with a link that includes detailed instructions for replicating the look.

AllForFashionDesign.com and FabNailArtDesigns.com are two sites dedicated entirely to nail art. Both sites feature extensive galleries of nail art created by both professional nail techs and at-home stylists. In some cases, the pictures include links to tutorials, but many are meant for inspiration only.