How Can I Fix Velcro?

Velcro, like brushes, can be fixed by removing the lint that affixes itself to the loops that make it stick over time. This can be done with a brush or a comb, or you can pick the lint out with your fingers.

  1. Obtain a brush or comb with stiff bristles

    For the best cleaning results, a brush or comb with stiff bristles that pulls lint from the hooks works best. The idea is to use a tool that has the strength to pull the lint from the hooks of the Velcro.

  2. Repeatedly run the brush or comb through the hooks until the lint is removed

    With sufficient pressure to transfer the lint from the Velcro to the cleaning tool, run the brush or comb over the hooks. This may take several repetitions before all of the lint is removed and the hooks gain their stickiness. Be careful not to tear or rip the hooks.

  3. Cover the hooks to impede lint build-up

    To prevent further lint build-up, cover the hooks. This can be done by simply pairing the hooked piece of the Velcro with its meshy backing and making sure that the hooks are completely covered and not partially exposed.

  4. Clean the hooks regularly

    Cleaning the hooks regularly also prevents the level of build-up that makes them lose their stickiness. You can also periodically pick small pieces of lint off of the Velcro using your fingers.