How Can You Fix a Bad Perm?

How Can You Fix a Bad Perm?

How Can You Fix a Bad Perm?

Use canola oil to fix a bad perm because it loosens tight curls. You need canola oil, a plastic wrap, a mild shampoo, a deep conditioner, a towel and a blow dryer for this method to work properly. Multiple applications throughout the course of a week may be necessary to loosen especially tight curls.

  1. Prepare for the process

    Gather all the materials for the treatment. Lean over a bathtub, sink or bucket to avoid creating a mess while applying oil to your hair. The oil may drip during the application, which makes dressing appropriately essential. Place the plastic wrap around your shoulders for protection.

  2. Apply oil to the hair

    Pour out the canola oil in a container. Soak your hair with the oil, and ensure that each strand is covered from the root to the tip.

  3. Use the towel

    Wrap a large towel around your head to keep the heat and moisture in. Leave the oil to soak in your hair for one hour.

  4. Wash your hair

    Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Rinse thoroughly with water to remove any residual oil.

  5. Use conditioner

    Apply the conditioner. Allow the conditioner to work on your hair for a couple of minutes. Rinse it out of your hair with water, and follow it up by applying the conditioner again. Wash the conditioner out of your hair. Then, dry your hair, and style it to your preference.