Where Can You Get a Fish Pedicure in New York City?

As of 2014, fish pedicures are banned within the state of New York, and there is nowhere to legally get a fish pedicure in New York City. The treatment is considered unsanitary.

Fish pedicures, sometimes referred to as "Dr. Fish," involve using tiny garra rufa fish to nibble dead skin off of the soles of feet during a spa pedicure. Because the fish are alive and producing waste, the water in which the feet are placed is not sanitary. Also, the fish themselves can transmit germs and fungi from one person's feet to another, spreading infection and causing health problems for the person getting the pedicure.

The Center For Disease Control (CDC) notes that another breed of fish, the Chinchin, is often mislabeled as Garra rufa, but unlike the "Dr. Fish," Chinchin often develop teeth that are capable of breaking the skin on the feet of the person having the pedicure. Fish bites, bacterial infections and basic lack of proper sanitation are the essential reasons that the process is banned in several states.

Any fish pedicure services offered in the state of New York are not recognized as legal spa services and expose customers to unsanitary conditions and potential health risks.