Can Fingernail Ridges Be Removed?


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Fingernail ridges can be easily removed by buffing the fingernails with a four-sided nail file. Nails naturally develop vertical ridges as people age and applying vitamin E oil helps to moisturize the nails and prevent future ridges.

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Can Fingernail Ridges Be Removed?
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Vertical ridges form due to lack of body oil that occurs naturally with age, which is why moisturizing the nails and cuticles with oil prevents ridges. In addition to vertical ridges, fingernails can also form horizontal ridges caused by trauma or vitamin deficiency. With standard medical tests, a doctor can identify the exact vitamin deficiency and recommend the necessary dietary changes. Trauma to nails heals over time, but ridges caused by vitamin deficiency require dietary changes in order to improve the condition of the fingernails.

Buffing nails is a temporary fix for removing nail ridges. When buffing the nails, pressing too hard or too long can cause damage to the nail and nail bed. If buffing does not completely remove the ridges, a nail polish base coat with ridge filler can smooth out the surface of the fingernail. A ridge filler is typically white and contains the word "ridge" on the bottle. If the product is not available at a drug store, it can usually be purchased at a nail salon that sells nail polish.

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