How Can I Help Fade My Hair Dye Faster?


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Shampooing your hair more frequently is one of the easiest ways to help fade hair dye faster. The type of water and products used when shampooing can also help speed up the process.

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According to WebMD, water is one of the biggest color-stealing culprits. Steaming hot water is especially likely to help pigment escape. Thus, to help fade color, wash hair more frequently using hot water rather than lukewarm or cool. Skip the gentle shampoos and conditioners marketed for color-treated hair, and instead use a harsher product like Head & Shoulders.

Chlorine and sun exposure are also known to fade hair dye, so a day at the beach could help fade hair dye faster. If you can’t wait, consult with a stylist about options for removing your color or lightening your hair.

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