Where Can I Find Some Face Paint Examples?

can-face-paint-examples Credit: DOF-PHOTO by Fulvio/Moment/Getty Images

Snazaroo, a maker of face-painting kits, offers a photo gallery containing stunning pictures of face-painting done by the company's customers. Parenting.com also offers a face-paint gallery, along with instructions on how to complete each look.

Snazaroo's face-painting examples include striking Goth looks, fun cat-face painting of all types, dog-faces, and some striking whole-face transformations. The site also offers guides for beginner face-painters as well as tips for using face-painting at parties.

Parenting.com gives step-by-step instructions for creating face-paint looks including clowns, mermaids, tigers, princesses and fish. Parenting recommends avoiding oil-based paints because they smear, clog pores and are difficult to remove. The site also recommend using makeup sponges and soft brushes to create face-paint looks.