How Can Eyes Be Made Bigger Without Applying Makeup?

One can make eyes bigger naturally by grooming the eyebrow, making the eyelashes look longer and treating eye problems. Eye treatments include reducing puffiness in the eyes and removing the dark circles under the eyes.

Eyebrows are the frames of the eyes. Eyes are made noticeably different by removing stray hairs around the edges. However, it is not advisable to thin the eyebrows in order to make eyes look big. Additionally, it is possible to make eyes look bigger by curling the upper eye-lashes with an eye curler.

Another method of making the eyes look bigger is through the treatment of eye problems. Puffiness reduces the size of the eye and must be treated. The swelling in the skin around the eyes can make the eyes look small. It is important to reduce the puffiness by getting plenty of sleep, washing the face with cool water and reducing salt intake. Excessive intake of salts contributes to retention of water that causes eye puffiness. Additionally, one can place used tea-bags over the eyes. The teabags have tannins that act as the astringent thereby tightening the skin around the eyes. It is also advisable to reduce the circles under the eyes to get bigger and beautiful eyes. Eating a balanced diet is important for the health of the eyes.