Where Can I Find Examples of Lovebird Tattoos?


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Cuded, lovebirdtattoos and slodive feature a wide variety of lovebird tattoos. The avian images range from large to small, as well as from simple to ornate.

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Cuded has 50 examples of bird tattoos. Some of the tattoos are large and incredibly intricate, such as the "Full-Back Peacock Tattoo," which features a peacock and Asian-inspired floral imagery and is rendered in bright purples, turquoise and pink. Other featured tattoos include "Bird on a Branch," which is presented in shades of black and grey, and has a blue bird encircled by the text, "See the bird with the leaf in her mouth, after the flood all the colors come out."

Lovebirdtattoos also has a wide variety of bird tattoos. The website has pictures of hummingbird tattoos, birds created in watercolor style, birds escaping cages, rainbow birds flying across a wrist and images of famous celebrities who have bird tattoos.

Slodive has 25 examples of love bird tattoos. The website features images of birds with red love hearts, birds colored in bright green, birds flapping across lower legs and birds that wrap around collar bones. Slodive showcases birds tattooed on several body parts and drawn in a wide array of colors and styles.

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