How Can You Enhance Gray Hair?

As hair goes gray, it sometimes looks dull because gray hair typically does not reflect light. Solutions exist to enhance gray hair without dyeing it.

  1. Use shampoo designed for gray hair

    Shampoo with products specifically designed for gray hair. These shampoos contain blue undertones that help gray hair look silvery rather than dull.

  2. Keep hair short

    Have your hair cut regularly in a short style. Long gray hair tends to look duller.

  3. Apply vitamin E or conditioner

    Apply vitamin E to the entire head. Wrap it in a bandana or plastic wrap, and let the vitamin E sit overnight to improve the health and shine of gray hair. The same process can be done with conditioners designed for gray hair.

  4. Add lowlights

    Add lowlights to gray hair to help transition to a fully gray look gradually.