Where Can You Go for an Elgin Pocket Watch Appraisal?

Where Can You Go for an Elgin Pocket Watch Appraisal?

An Elgin pocket watch appraisal can be performed by a local antique expert or through an online appraisal service, such as ValueMyStuff.com or Worthy.com, as of April 2015. Other methods to assess watch value include consulting eBay listings of similar items and using the "Complete Price Guide to Watches."

ValueMyStuff.com has experts who provide an appraisal based on photographs of the watch and details provided by the owner. Worthy.com has experts who appraise the watch at the company's facility, after the owner mails the watch.

The "Complete Price Guide to Watches" is released annually. Although it doesn't have every watch and the accuracy is sometimes disputed, it provides a good starting point for determining watch value.

Finding the serial number is necessary for determining the value of the watch. Elgin watches have two serial numbers, one on the case and one on the inner movement. The serial number located on the inner movement is the one that is used.

The Elgin Watch Company has an online database with information about watches and links to eBay listings for similar watches. Visit ElginWatches.org, and click on Elgin Database under the Elgin heading. Click on Serial Number Lookup. Enter the serial number, and perform a search. Other search options are available if you don't have the serial number.