How Can You Be Elegant?


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In order to be elegant, one must be well-groomed and well-dressed, display proper etiquette, listen when other people talk and be non-judgmental towards others. An elegant individual does not have to be wealthy or wear the most expensive clothes since elegance is about demeanor and how one interacts with others.

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An elegant individual is one who takes pride in her appearance and looks her best no matter how much money she has to spend on clothing. Having manners is also a sign of elegance, usually one that is more noticeable in individuals from an older generation since much of the younger generation has redefined what it means to be polite and display good manners.

Speaking in low, conversational tones is another characteristic of elegance. An elegant person is one who speaks loudly enough to be heard only by nearby individuals. In order to avoid having to repeat words, it helps to project gently and enunciate so that one can easily be understood.

Another sign of elegance is offering constructive criticism rather than making harsh judgments or blatantly pointing out someone's mistakes. An elegant individual also knows how to forgive and control her anger. If need be, she can walk away from the situation rather than display outward signs of anger. Individuals from all social statuses can learn to be elegant, but it's a skill that can take time to learn.

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