Can Eggs Be Used As a Hair Treatment?

can-eggs-used-hair-treatment Credit: Yuji Kotani/Taxi Japan/Getty Images

Eggs are safe for hair use, and many natural hair masks include them. Eggs are beneficial for moisturizing hair, adding shine and combating frizz.

Eggs are a popular ingredient for hair and facial masks as they are rich in protein, zinc, selenium and iron. They are also inexpensive compared to commercial hair masks and serums, which may also contain undesirable chemicals. Some hair masks include eggs and mayonnaise for damaged and frizzy hair; egg yolks, honey and olive oil for dull and lifeless hair; egg yolks and lime juice for combating hair loss; and egg yolks, apple cider vinegar, honey and essential oil for deep conditioning. An egg-yolk facial mask makes a nourishing moisturizer, while eggs whites are believed to tighten and tone facial skin.