Where Can You Find Ear Pins Made With Non-Conflict Diamonds?


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Forevermark, a company that prides itself on using non-conflict diamonds, sells a variety of ear pins. On the Forevermark website, they are referred to as "ear cuffs" or "climber earrings."

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All the diamonds used by Forevermark are purchased from sources that have been screened using a multi-step evaluation process. Only mines in countries with a strong record of upholding human rights can be selected. In each of these countries, specific mines are chosen by examining the rights and welfare of the employees. Furthermore, the mining company must be able to prove based on a set of stringent criteria that it is actually benefiting the community in which it is located. Factors such as the mine's impact on local education, infrastructure, the economy and the environment are all taken into consideration when the diamonds are purchased.

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