How Can You Dye Your Hair Naturally?

To dye your hair naturally, use ingredients containing natural dyes such as black walnuts, coffee, vegetable juices or tea. Highlighting can be achieved with lemon juice. Note that it is very important to conduct a strand test when using natural dye methods, because the results are not predictable.

  1. Use lemon juice to highlight

    For natural highlights, spray a mixture of lemon juice and water on wet hair. Allow the hair to dry in the sun, because the sunlight increases the lightening properties of the lemon juice. You may need to do this several times to reach your desired result.

  2. Darken hair using walnuts, coffee or black tea

    To dye hair using walnuts, purchase black walnut hull powder. Boil a pot of water, and add five tablespoons of walnut powder. Allow it to steep for an hour. Apply cooled mixture to hair for 15 minutes. Rinse the dye out and wash the hair. Use a similar process for coffee or black tea. The darker the tea or coffee, the darker the results. These ingredients are usually not as effective as the walnut powder.

  3. Use beet or carrot juice for red tones

    Beet juice, carrot juice, or a mixture of the two will add red tones to your natural hair color. The carrot juice, of course, adds more of an orange shade which can be tempered by the beet juice. For blonds, this may result in a strawberry blond tone. For redheads, this will enhance their natural color. This method can add subtle tones to dark hair. Apply the juice and leave it on for one hour, then rinse. This method can be repeated until the desired tone is reached.