How Can You Dye Chiffon?

Dye chiffon at home with a large stainless steel pot or bucket, newspaper, table, vinyl gloves, a powder fabric dye, white vinegar, hot water and a water source. Depending on the darkness of the hue you choose, this project can take up to two hours to complete.

  1. Prepare the project area and chiffon

    Cover a table or surface with a thick layer of newspaper to ensure cleanliness and fill the bucket or pot with 2 cups of hot water. Be sure to wear clothing that can get messy and put on the gloves to avoid staining your hands.

  2. Rinse chiffon fabric in the warm water and add dye

    Rinse your chosen chiffon fabric in the warm water while maintaining 140 degrees Fahrenheit for a darker dye color, and then remove the fabric and wring the water out. Add the dye powder to the warm water and dissolve by stirring slowly. You will want to add more warm water depending on the size of the fabric you are choosing to dye. Generally, use 3 gallons of water per 1 pound of fabric and add the amount of powder recommended on the dye powder package. Add more or less depending on the darkness of the hue you desire.

  3. Add vinegar and fabric to dye mixture

    Add 1 cup vinegar per every 3 gallons of water to your mixture for a more intense color when dyeing chiffon. Afterwards, immerse the fabric in your dye mixture and wait up to 1 hour. It will look darker while wet.

  4. Remove fabric, rinse and run through washing machine.

    Remove the fabric once it has reached the desired hue. Rinse it first in a warm water and then cool until the water runs clear. Put the chiffon fabric alone in your washing machine on a cool water temperature to ensure it does not bleed and air dry before wearing.