Can You Dry Nail Polish Fast?

Although there are numerous ways of drying nail polish fast, one simple way is to dip your fingernails in ice water. You need ice cubes, cold water, a bowl and your polished nails. The process takes approximately two minutes.

  1. Put ice cubes into a bowl

    Take a few ice cubes, and put them into a bowl. Don’t fill the bowl with the cubes because you need some space for the water.

  2. Pour cold water into the bowl

    Pour cold water into the bowl containing ice cubes. The water should be deep enough to cover your fingernails.

  3. Dip your fingernails into the ice water

    Dip your fingernails into the ice water, and keep them there for approximately one minute.

Applying a nail-drying spray also helps nail polish dry quickly. Cooking oil sprays work similarly. Quick-drying top coats help nail polish dry fast as well. They also protect the nail polish, but if the underlying nail polish is not totally dry and the nail polish shifts, lumps and ripples can form.