How Can You Dry Your Hair Fast?

How Can You Dry Your Hair Fast?

A fast way to dry hair is to blow-dry the under-layers first. Starting with the top layers only makes the hairbrush damp and re-wets sections of the hair that have already dried.

  1. Select the right blow dryer

    For optimal results, use an 1,800-watt blow dryer. A lower wattage model slows the process down.

  2. Towel dry hair

    If hair is soaking wet, blow drying it out takes more time. Thoroughly soak up any excess water with a microfiber or terrycloth towel.

  3. Apply mousse

    Covering wet hair with mousse stops the hair from absorbing the water.

  4. Dry the bottom layers

    Bend over at the neck, or clip the top layers of hair. Target the blow-dryer on the bottom layers until they are dry.

  5. Dry the top layers

    Stand up straight, or remove the clips, and blow dry the top layers. Use a hairbrush to flatten the hair out.