How Can You Find Dresses Like the Women Wear in "Mad Men"?

How Can You Find Dresses Like the Women Wear in "Mad Men"?

To find dresses like those worn in "Mad Men", keep an eye out for specific silhouettes at vintages stores, eBay or major retailers. Many of these classic shapes have never really gone out of fashion and may be purchased new or second hand.

  1. Search for classic styles

    During the early seasons of "Mad Men," Betty wears classic, feminine styles from the 1950s. Look for floral dresses with a tight-fitting bodice and a full skirt to recreate her look. To recreate Peggy's style, look for a-line or shift dresses in plaids or neutral colors.

  2. Look for a tailored sheath dress

    The sheath dress is a classic silhouette. Joan wears a lot of sheath dresses on "Mad Men." They are tight fitting at the bust and through the waist and hips. Sheath dresses typically end at or around the knees. Look for floral prints and heavier fabrics, as they were popular during this time period.

  3. Find a mod dress

    The women wear mod dresses in the later seasons of "Mad Men." The hem length is shorter, so look for a dress that ends around the middle of the thigh. The shape of the dresses is either shift or A-line, two classic silhouettes that continue to be popular today. Mod clothing is defined by its use of color blocking as well as bold, geometric patterns.