How Can I Dress up Like a Superhero?

can-dress-up-like-superhero Credit: Andrew Rich/Vetta/Getty Images

Dressing up like a superhero typically involves wearing a cape, a mask and a unitard or leotard with tights. Superhero costumes can be purchased or made by hand.

Most superheroes have their own unique uniform. The basic elements of a superhero uniform are usually some type of form-fitting clothing, often a unitard or catsuit. The legs may be bare or covered by tights or leggings. Accessories for superhero uniforms often include boots, belts, capes or hoods. Because superhero uniforms tend to have these same basic characteristics, they are usually distinguished by colors and symbols that are specific to the characters.

To create a costume based on a specific superhero, collect images of that particular superhero to find out which colors, symbols, accessories and other details like hairstyles he or she has. Recreate these looks using fabrics and patterns or even materials found around the house. A more convenient option would be to purchase a ready-made costume through an online retailer or a specialty store. Availability is at its highest during Halloween season.

For more advanced superhero costumes, including those suitable for professional appearances or dressing up for industry conventions, materials and patterns can be purchased through specialty stores.The common term used for this is "cosplay," an abbreviation for "costume play." Special materials for cosplay may include a plastic-like product called Wonderflex which can be molded into shape when heated. Another popular material is Fosshape, a felt-like material that also hardens when heated.