How Can a Dress Be Made Out of a Shirt?

How Can a Dress Be Made Out of a Shirt?

A dress can be made out of oversized button-up shirts, t-shirts and sweaters by pulling the neckline of the shirt to the top of the bustline and then wrapping the sleeves around the body. Those who do not know how to sew can easily make a no-sew dress from a large shirt.

  1. Pull the shirt down

    Pull the shirt down over the neck so that it looks like a strapless dress. If using a button-up shirt, button up the shirt to the neckline, leaving the sleeves free at the sides.

  2. Tie the sleeves

    Take the sleeves and wrap them around the body, tying them under the bust to look like a strapless wrap dress. If the sleeves are too short to wrap around the body, tuck them into the neckline of the shirt to create a strapless look.

More complicated dresses can be made with sewing patterns. Many large men's shirts have enough fabric to make a girl's dress or a smaller women's dress. Dresses can also be created using sewing patterns. Sewers can take shirts apart at the seams or cut off the seams and then lay out pattern pieces on top of their shirts.