Where Can I Find Dolphin Tattoos?

Dolphin tattoos can be found on tattoo websites, in tattoo artists' portfolios and at tattoo conventions. A general online image search also yields many dolphin tattoo photos.

Websites such as Free Tattoo Designs and Tattoo Easily showcase examples of dolphin tattoos. They offer photos of actual dolphin tattoos and graphics to base future tattoos off of. For stencils that can be taken to a tattoo artist, websites such as Tattoo Finder are a good bet. After purchasing the stencil, users can download the design.

Tattoo studios typically have many stencils as well, including those of dolphins. Likewise, if tattoo artists have inked a noteworthy dolphin, they'll likely include a photo in their portfolio. This gives potential customers the opportunity to see what kind of dolphin that artist is capable of creating.

Tattoo conventions are a likely place to see dolphin tattoos on actual people. Artists and people with tattoos congregate at such places, and they're all willing to show off their ink.

Dolphin tattoo styles range from realistic to tribal. They typically serve as benevolent protectors for the wearer. In Celtic beliefs, dolphins are associated with rejuvenation, and they symbolize wisdom and prosperity. In fact, some people associate dolphin tattoos with Jesus Christ. However, for some wearers, such an image represents freedom and playfulness. Though dolphin tattoos can be inked anywhere, common locations for them are the ankle, bicep and shoulder.