Where Can You Find Directions for Braided Hairstyles for Girls?

Tutorials for braided hairstyles can be found on BuzzFeed.com, Natural-Hair-Care-Info.com and PopHairCuts.com. These sites cover braided hairstyles for fine, straight hair, African-American hair and curly hair.

The styles on BuzzFeed.com are primarily for girls with fine, straight hair that is at least as long as the middle of their backs. Tutorials include a fairly basic French braid, as well as more elaborate styles like a wrapped spiral braid.

Those with other types of hair can find tutorials for braided styles on Natural-Hair-Car-Info.com and PopHairCuts.com. Natural-Hair-Care-Info.com has a number of tutorials for girls with natural curly hair, including twist braids and cornrows in several variations. PopHaircuts.com has braid tutorials for women with short- to medium-length hair, such as modified fishtail and rope braids.