Where Can I Design a Tattoo for Free?

can-design-tattoo Credit: CommerceandCultureAgency/Taxi/Getty Images

As of 2014, Tattoo Design and Ink Generator offer free services for designing custom tattoos. Tattoo Design has four features for creating a custom tattoo: made-to-order tattoos, a lettering designer, Japanese tattoo creator and the online tattoo creator.

Tattoo Designs lettering designer and Japanese tattoo creator are its two free features as of August 2014. Lettering designer offers many different fonts, styles and colors, while the Japanese tattoo creator translates English words into their Japanese counterparts; both may be printed out as stencils. The made-to-order tattoos are detailed by the customer and designed by professional tattoo artists. The cost is dependent on the size and complexity of the tattoo. The online tattoo creator requires a paid membership and is a program that allows the customer to draw the tattoo himself.

Ink Generator offers the same lettering designer format, but also enables custom image uploading along with custom lettering as of August 2014.