How Can I Darken My Hair Without Dying It?

There are several safe, natural and effective ways to darken hair without chemical hair dye. Most of the necessary ingredients are staples of the supermarket produce bin and fruit juice aisle. For example, beet juice and carrot juice are fantastic semi-permanent red dyes. Natural coloring methods are excellent for individuals with chemical sensitivities and those who wish to avoid using harsh commercial hair dye.

Natural dyes produce beautiful results when applied correctly and set with heat. All juice dye needs to stay on the hair for at least 20 minutes, preferably under a drier. This opens the hair cuticles so they absorb more color.

Coffee is an excellent natural hair dye substitute. After brewing and cooling, the coffee is poured over dry hair. It should pass through the hair at least 24 times. To avoid wasting coffee, many people catch the excess in a bowl or bucket and pour it over their hair again. This technique also works with black tea.

Temporary color foams are much gentler than true dye and produce drastic results in minutes. These products come in a huge range of shades and rinse out completely in only one shampooing. Color foams are a terrific way to experiment with darker hair colors without the risk of disastrous results.