How Can You Have Cute French Tip Nails?

How Can You Have Cute French Tip Nails?

Creating a French tip manicure at home is an easy way to save on going to the salon, and it is a great way for you to create your own unique looks. You need a pair of nail clippers or a nail file, a nail buffer, your favorite color nail polish or a French manicure kit, and some Scotch tape.

  1. Trim and buff your nails, then use clear coat

    To begin, round out your nails by trimming them with clippers or filing them down. You can also go for a square shape if you prefer. Next, buff away imperfections with your nail buffer. This creates a smooth surface that helps you achieve a clean line at the tip of your nail. Wipe off any residue with a tissue or a moist cloth. If you bought a kit, use the pink undercoat before putting on the tape. If you do not have a pink undercoat, a clear nail polish works as well.

  2. Place the nail guides or Scotch tape on your nails

    Once your undercoat is dry, begin placing the tape. This can be tricky with regular Scotch tape, but a kit has nail guides that you can place on the tips of your nails. Just place the guides towards the tips of your nails, leaving room for your white or colored polish. If you are using Scotch tape, use your fingernail clippers to cut one edge of the tape into a slight crescent shape, then place the tape on the nails.

  3. Apply the polish and topcoat

    Using a white polish, paint on the tips of your nails. Be especially careful not to paint past the guides or tape. Once the polish is dry, apply your topcoat.