Where Can I Find Cute Butterfly Tattoos?


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Butterfly tattoos can be found on tattoo studio websites, in tattoo artists' portfolios, on tattoo design websites and in real life. A tattoo convention such as the World Tattoo Event would be a good resource for seeing butterfly tattoos.

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Butterfly tattoos are often very colorful, though some people choose to get tribal or Celtic butterfly tattoos, which are typically done all in black ink. Butterflies are usually tattooed with their wings spread or in profile. Either way, they are tattooed to showcase the wings. Sometimes words and symbols are incorporated into the design. Other times they are stylized with curly lines. Flowers, hearts and stars are also common accoutrements to butterfly tattoos.

Websites such as TattooTon.com and TattooDesign.com display many examples of butterfly tattoos, both graphics and pictures of the actual tattoos. Butterfly tattoos can also be found on studio websites in the artists' portfolios, in which case they are photos of the artist's work. Visiting the tattoo studio is another option. People can also take a photo of an actual butterfly and turn it into a cute butterfly tattoo design.

According to FreeTattooDesigns.com, the most common places on the body for butterfly tattoos are the foot, the abdomen, the back and lower back, the upper arm and the shoulder. According to The Body Art Book, quoted on the Indiana University website, butterfly tattoos often symbolize change or growth.

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