How Can You Customize Your Own Shoes?


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Customize a pair of shoes by planning the design, gathering all needed materials, applying the materials to the shoes and applying a coating for protection. Researching shoe customization is also very beneficial.

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How Can You Customize Your Own Shoes?
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The initial sketch can be created on paper or with a computer program. Select materials for creating the design. Some good possibilities include paint markers, spray paint or glitter. The outline of the design can be carefully created on the shoes with a slim drawing utensil. It is important that both shoes match as closely as possible.

Paint markers work well for customizing leather or vinyl shoes. The best paint markers are those with a thick consistency. Select paint markers with the best tips for the design. Spray paint can be used to customize shoes, particularly for large areas or as a base color.

Clear coat may be applied to the shoes after painting is complete to extend the life of the design. It should be applied lightly after the shoes get a chance to dry for at least 24 hours. The shoes should dry for two or three additional days to ensure sufficient paint bonding.

To apply glitter to shoes, mix together glitter and Mod Podge and apply it. Pour on additional glitter until the desired amount is reached. After the shoes have dried overnight, apply a coat of Mod Podge over the glitter and let the shoes dry thoroughly.

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