Where Can I Find Cross Tattoos?


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Cross tattoos can be found on the Cuded or Tattoo Johnny websites, among others. Cross tattoos are available in a number of styles. The cross symbol is of Christian origin and represents the crucifixion of Jesus, and some Christian cross tattoos interlink the symbol with that of rosary beads. People may choose a cross tattoo as a way to remember a loved one who has passed away.

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The horizontal beam of the cross has feminine qualities, according to Search Body Art, and it is a representation of earthiness and passivity as well as death. The vertical part of the cross is considered masculine and is a symbol of creativity, eternity and a positive outlook.

The Celtic cross is also a popular tattoo design. This type of body art is composed of interwoven images that create the shape of a cross. The knots symbolize the connection between spiritual and physical life. This cross tattoo is also appealing to people who believe in the circle of life.

A Gothic cross is another choice for people who are interested in cross tattoos. These images are often paired with dragons, snakes or barbed wire. Gothic crosses don't usually have religious meaning, but they can be a symbol of rage or pain.

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