How Can I Create Curls From Wet Hair Overnight Without Using Curlers?


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To curl wet hair overnight without using curlers, wrap it around a hot fabric headwrap. The supplies needed for this overnight procedure are a hairbrush, water, a plastic spray bottle, a curl-defining cream, a thick fabric headwrap, bobby pins, hairspray and a shower cap.

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How Can I Create Curls From Wet Hair Overnight Without Using Curlers?
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  1. Heat the wrap

    Dunk a fabric headwrap in water, wring it out, and microwave it for one minute. While the microwave is running, fill a clean spray bottle with lukewarm water.

  2. Prepare hair

    Brush hair, and mist it generously with water. Rub a dollop of curl-defining cream between hands, and smooth it over hair.

  3. Position the headwrap

    Remove the headwrap from the microwave, and set it on the head like a crown. Pull the back of it down so it rests on the middle of the head, and keep the front portion about 2 inches from the forehead. Secure the wrap with bobby pins if it does not stay in place on its own.

  4. Wrap hair around the fabric

    Grab a 1-inch section of hair at the left temple, and twist it into a tight spiral. Bring it up over the headwrap, push the end down between the fabric and the scalp, and pull the rest of the section through. Repeat this process with the rest of the hair. When all of the hair is twisted and wound around the fabric, secure it with bobby pins.

  5. Cover the hair

    Cover the hair with a shower cap before going to bed.

  6. Unwrap curls

    The following morning, remove the shower cap and bobby pins. Ease the headwrap off, and let hair fall naturally. Finish the style with plenty of hairspray.

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