How Can You Cover a Tattoo?

A person who wants to cover a tattoo needs primer, foundation, hairspray, a foundation brush, pink lipstick, concealer and powder. Using these products, it is possible to conceal most tattoos.

To cover a tattoo:

  1. Add primer and foundation to the tattoo
  2. Cover the tattoo with primer or a little moisturizer. Using a foundation brush, apply a little foundation to the tattoo, but do not apply too much. The aim is to give it a neutral tone.
  3. Apply the pink lipstick
  4. Using a small sponge, apply a little matte pink lipstick over the tattoo. If matte pink lipstick is not available, use eyeshadow instead. After doing this, cover it with some hairspray. Repeat this process.
  5. Add some concealer
  6. Cover the areas of pink lipstick with concealer and then cover that with hairspray. Apply another area of concealer and begin to blend until the tattoo disappears. Blend the mixture to the edge of tattoo, then add a final layer of concealer followed by hairspray.
  7. Add some powder
  8. To seal the tattoo, add a layer of powder. If there is still some color present from the tattoo, it is okay to add some more concealer. When adding the powder, dab rather than brushing, as brushing can scratch away the foundation and concealer.