How Can You Do Cool Nail Designs?

How Can You Do Cool Nail Designs?

To create cool nail art, prepare the nail by applying petroleum jelly to the cuticles and using a white coat as the base polish. Select a design, then use accessories for the polish job. Finish with nail decals or jewelry and a top coat.

  1. Start with a clean base

    Use a cotton swab to apply petroleum jelly on the skin around the nail bed. This makes cleaning up polish on the skin easier. Be careful not to get the jelly on the nail bed, though, as this prevents the polish from adhering.

  2. Apply a white base coat

    Use a white nail polish as your base coat. This allows the true color of the nail polish to shine.

  3. Select a design

    Design options for cool nail art include half moons and colored tips. Nail decals and jewelry are also options.

  4. Create half moons

    Polish your nail with a single coat, and allow it to dry. Place a paper hole reinforcement sticker at the base of the nail so it creates a half-moon shape. Apply two coats of polish in a complementary color to the first. Remove the sticker carefully to avoid smudging the polish.

  5. Make nails two-toned

    Use two-toned tips as an alternative or in addition to the half moon. After the first color has dried, cut tape into narrow strips. Put the strips crisscrossed over the tip of each nail, and apply two coats of polish.

  6. Add decals or nail jewelry

    When the polish is just tacky, apply a decal in the center of certain nails. Rhinestones can also be added. Use the tip of an eyeliner pencil to pick up the rhinestone and place it on the nail. Apply top coat to seal the nail art in place.