How Can a Color Chart Help in Choosing the Right Hair Color?


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Color charts can help in choosing the right hair color by providing a list of the basic hair colors and their different tones. It is also helpful in determining the hair color that best matches your skin color and tone.

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How Can a Color Chart Help in Choosing the Right Hair Color?
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Hair color charts display the four main hair colors: black, brown (brunette), red and blonde along with their respective tones. Variations in tone can be created by lightening, darkening or neutralizing any of the four main colors. Personal preference is the key to determining the hair color that is appropriate for you.

Skin tone and color can be factors in selecting an appropriate hair color and tone. Cooler-toned skin with a blue or green hue is best paired with hair colors such as light ash, golden blonde, light auburn or cool brown, while warm-tone skin pairs well with reddish-blonde, medium-ash brown and beeline honey. Light brown is a fairly versatile color that goes well with both warm and cool skin tones, and can be used as a base for blonde highlights. If a natural look is the goal, red and blonde work well with light skin, while brown and black are well suited for those with darker skin, due to the depth and richness of the colors.

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