How Can You Get Free Clinique Makeup Samples?

Customers can obtain free Clinique makeup and skincare samples by purchasing Clinique products when the company is offering free promotional gifts, or by requesting samples at cosmetics counters or stores. Clinique often offers selections of popular products as free bonus gifts with qualifying purchases.

While the free gifts offered by Clinique vary, the collections often include an eyeshadow palette, a lip product and a mascara, along with several skincare samples and a cosmetics bag. Customers can shop directly through Clinique's website to take advantage of free-gift offers. Department stores that carry the Clinique line, such as Macy's, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, also periodically offer free Clinique bonus gifts. The minimum purchase required to receive the free gift varies with each offer.

Makeup counters and stores often give away free samples to customers interested in trying specific products, so customers seeking Clinique samples should inquire at Clinique counters or cosmetics stores that sell the Clinique brand. Different stores and counters have various sampling policies, but many are happy to provide samples. For example, employees at cosmetics retailer Sephora can decant samples of many of the store's product lines, including Clinique, for interested customers. To increase the odds of obtaining free samples, customers should ask politely and make it clear they intend to purchase some of the products they sample eventually.