How Can You Get Clear Skin Overnight?

To clear the skin overnight, go to bed with a clean face, establish a nightly five-step program that includes products with retinol, sleep for eight hours, and protect the body from harsh elements. These steps accelerate the healing process that the skin does every night to repair everyday damage.

Sleeping with makeup or an unclean face clogs skin, causes breakouts and leads to wrinkles. Use a cleansing wipe to remove oil, dirt and makeup from the face at night. Incorporate a five-step daily regimen that consists of cleansing the face, applying toner and using an anti-aging serum. Overnight repair treatments and moisturizing night cream are most effective when used for a number of weeks, but results can begin to show overnight.

Sleep eight hours to refresh the skin. Turn off electronics before getting into bed; this clears the mind and prevents the monitor light from blocking hormones that cause sleep. Avoid stress, smoking, pollution and dehydration to minimize the repair the body has to do overnight. Sun exposure is a major skin hazard, so apply sunscreen to the face every morning. This allows the body to work less at night to reverse damage, which results in a brighter face in the morning.