How Can You Get Clear Skin Fast?

How Can You Get Clear Skin Fast?

Get clear skin fast by watching what goes into your body that affects your complexion, as well as taking care of your skin. Get products that are right for your type of skin, cleanse it properly, and take extra steps to keep extra oils, bacteria and other residue off your skin.

  1. Change your diet

    Eat nutritious food that is healthy and unprocessed. Drink plenty of water, and avoid fried foods that are heavy on grease and low in vitamins.

  2. Sleep correctly

    Get plenty of sleep to avoid breakouts from stress or exhaustion. Tie your hair up and away from your face to avoid transferring oils. Change your pillow case and other bedding frequently, and always wash your skin before bed to avoid transferring dirt from your body onto your bedding.

  3. Cleanse your face gently

    Splash your skin with warm water to open up the pores before gently washing your skin with a cleanser that is meant to clear up acne. Exfoliate as needed, and use toner if you have extremely oily skin.

  4. Avoid irritants

    Wear as little makeup as possible to keep pores from becoming blocked and to let your skin breathe. Always remove makeup before bed to ensure no residue from the day is left behind. Avoid touching your face, especially if you have not washed your hands, and do not, under any circumstances, try to pop a pimple.