How Can You Choose Comfortable Walking Shoes?

Choose walking shoes that fit well to ensure they are comfortable. Prior to trying on the shoes, measure both feet to find the appropriate size. Make sure the shoes aren't too tight and have enough room for the toes to wiggle. Walk down an inclined surface or up a staircase to see how well they fit. Purchase quality walking shoes that keep the feet safe from bruised toenails and blisters.

Before buying a pair of walking shoes, consider your foot shape and arch type. The bones and muscles in the feet form arches that aid walking on various surfaces. Select shoes that fit your arch type and avoid ones that are too wide or narrow.

To find out your arch type, examine your footprint after showering. If you have flat feet, you will see most of the footprint; this is not the case if you have high arches. People with low-arched feet need walking shoes with motion control, whereas high-arched feet require shoes with ample cushioning.

When shopping for shoes, take your old pair along. Shoe professionals can help you find something appropriate based on your old shoes. Walking shoes are great for strolling through the park or hiking in the woods. However, on a treadmill, running shoes are best.