How Can You Have a Championship Ring Replica Made?


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Championship ring replicas are available on CustomChampionshipRings.com and RockChampions.us, as of April 2015. Both companies allow the rings to be customized, and CustomChampionshipRings.com can design a custom ring replica from an image.

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Championship ring replicas are usually manufactured in China. The quality varies based on the company and the ring. Common problems with ring replicas include the gold plating rubbing off, the metal oxidizing and the replica diamonds falling off the ring. For higher quality, purchase a ring replica made of 10 carat gold.

Authentic championship rings are typically made from yellow gold or white gold. The rings also usually have diamonds. Rings are designed by the team. The team owners pay for the championship rings in MLB and the NHL, while the league pays in the NBA. The NFL pays for 70 rings, and any additional rings must be covered by the team owners.

Championship ring value varies depending on the ring and the player who owned it. NFL championship rings cost around $5,000 to produce. Player rings for major sports leagues typically cost at least $10,000 at auction. Rings for popular players are much more expensive. Examples include Julius Erving, whose championship ring sold for $460,000 at an auction, and Lawrence Taylor, whose ring sold for $230,000.

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