How Can Chamomile Tea Lighten Your Hair?

As a hair rinse, chamomile tea can brighten blond hair and help bring out golden highlights and undertones in brunettes. It's gentle on hair, works slowly over time and can be used to lighten existing highlights.

The yellow color of chamomile infusion works as a hair lightener. To use it as a rinse, the tea should be brewed at maximum strength, cooled, and applied liberally to the hair until saturated. If only highlights are desired, it should be spritzed on to specific areas. It should be left to dry for about 30 minutes, then rinsed with water. The golden highlights brought out by chamomile tea are subtle and only slightly lighter than the original shade of the hair. Chamomile tea cannot provide the extreme results of salon highlights.

For a faster, easier way to incorporate the gentle lightening effects of chamomile, offers a specially formulated product called Herbatint Chamomile Lightener that contains chamomile extract. It is applied to the hair and then left on for 10 minutes. The manufacturer advises that consumers use it weekly to maintain lightening effects.

For those who want a gentle, natural approach to hair coloring, chamomile tea is an effective alternative to harsh dyes and chemicals.