Where Can I Find Celtic Tattoos?


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Many tattoo websites, such as Tattoo Johnny, Free Tattoo Designs and Tattoo Easily, feature Celtic design sections. The popularity of Celtic tattoo designs can be linked all the way back to the 2nd Century BC, when tattooing was likely used to make Celtic soldiers appear more fearsome.

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Another place to find Celtic tattoo designs is at a local tattoo parlor. Many parlors provide design books for walk-in customers to view; and, each book features a variety of designs. Some artists specialize in Celtic tattoos; and, many can create custom designs for their customers.

Celtic designs vary in subject matter, but most have similar trademarks, such as positive and negative space, black ink, knot patterns and historical meaning. Some popular Celtic tattoo designs include the cross, mystic knot, trinity knot, love knot, shamrock, raven, dog, horse, dragon and butterfly. Each design holds a complex meaning rooted in Celtic history, according to Free Tattoo Designs.

The ever popular Celtic cross was reportedly created by Saint Patrick in an effort to convert the Irish to Catholicism by combining Druid and Catholic symbolism. The Celtic cross is a traditional cross with a circle around the intersection covered with Celtic knot designs. The circle around the cross represents the sun, a major symbol in Druid culture. The Celtic cross acquired different meanings in different cultures. For instance, in Catholicism it represents the eternity of God's love; in Druid culture, it represents a phallus; and, in neo-pagan culture it represents the sun. Many Celtic cross designs can be found at Free Tattoo Designs, Tattoo Johnny and Tattoo Easily.

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