How Can You Take Care of an Infection in Newly Pierced Ears?

can-care-infection-newly-pierced-ears Credit: Kemi H Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Children's Health network states that there are a few ways to treat infected piercings. As soon as the infection starts, clean both sides of the earlobe with rubbing alcohol, remove the offending earrings and disinfect them with alcohol, and apply antibiotic ointments.

When earlobes become infected from a newly inserted or long-term piercing, there are symptoms such as discharge, redness, and swelling that may indicate an infection. A person with these symptoms should take care to apply treatment immediately, according to Children's Health Network. The Children's Health Network explains that the earrings and posts should be removed and cleaned with alcohol three times per day.

Both sides of the earlobe should be cleansed with rubbing alcohol, according to the Children's Health Network. Additionally, antibiotic ointments are available without a prescription that may be used on the infected earlobe. The Network says that antibiotic ointment should be continued for two days after the infection appears to heal.

Children's Health Network states that a mild ear-lobe infection typically clears up within one to two weeks. But if an earring becomes embedded under the infected skin, or a child develops symptoms like a fever or rash, it is important to call a doctor.