How Can You Take Care of an Infected Tattoo?


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An infected tattoo requires the care of a medical doctor in order to receive the right antibiotics and treatment. The doctor will provide necessary information for at home care, including cleaning and medicinal care. Dirty tattoo needles can transfer infections such as hepatitis and HIV, as stated by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

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Tattoo infections often occur when a tattoo artist does not follow proper sanitation procedures and uses dirty needles or tattoos in a dirty environment. However, there have been cases where infections occurred after using an at-home tattoo kit because the ink used contained a bacteria, as reported by Fox News.

Symptoms of a tattoo infection include fever, swelling, blisters, pain and pus or fluid discharge at the tattoo site. Proper after care can help prevent infections, but the most important prevention tool is proper sanitation methods used by the tattoo shop.

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