Where Can I Buy Tattoo Designs?

Tattoo designs can be purchased online and downloaded from many websites, such as Tattoo Johnny and Tattoo Art. The designs come in the form of a stencil that a customer or tattoo artist can print and transfer.

Tattoo designs vary widely in size, from small pieces to large ones that cover entire body parts, such as arms or backs. Most downloadable tattoo designs can be altered for size by enlarging or shrinking the stencil before the artist transfers the stencil to the skin to begin inking. Some websites offer large half-sleeve and full-sleeve designs, such as Find Me a Tattoo and Best Tattoo Design Ideas, but those designs usually serve as inspiration for copying or adapting and do not offer stencils for sale. Usually, customers need to customize a tattoo stencil for a large body part.

Custom tattoos can be individually designed on other websites, such as Tattoodo, Custom Tattoo Design and Dark Design Graphics. The designers work with customers to learn what kinds of features they want in their tattoos, such animals, airplanes, flowers or words. Often the images in tattoos have personal meaning to a customer. According to Dark Design Graphics, the designer can benefit from understanding the significance of a tattoo to his customer so he can design the most meaningful tattoo.